Selling anything online is tough.

You have to be in your clients’ realm at the exact moment when they want to buy. You have to stay top of mind. They have to like you enough (or at least your offer) to want to buy from you.

Bringing your ideal through a journey from getting to know you to buying from you implies 1,000 moving pieces together. 

And you can spend a lifetime tweaking, improving, and changing each and every one of them. So how do you where to start? And is there ONE thing you can do that would increase your sales?

My answer is YES, there is.

If you do this ONE thing I’m about to tell you about, you will see more people interested in your offers, DM/PM-ing you, and wanting to know more.

Are you ready?

Here it is:

Be loud and clear about the OUTCOME and the BENEFIT of your offers.

Of course, you tell me. But it happens more often than you think. 

How is not being vocal about the outcome and benefit hurting your business?

Just last week, I had been talking to a woman. She wanted to offer me something for free. 

And her offer was something like editorial services. But it encompassed so many things too, and I was unsure what she actually offered for free. 

I was curious, but I had never worked with an editor. So I wasn’t sure about the outcome – was she going to coach me, give me directions, give me a new structure for my article, and based on what? 

I tried to ask her about the outcome or benefit of one free hour with her, and she couldn’t tell me. I kid you not. She was like: well, it depends on the scope of your article and this and that… I cannot really say. 

It wasn’t very reassuring – And I mean, it was just a freebie. 

There was a low commitment from my side; I could have said yes, no matter what. And yet, because I could not see what would be the outcome or the benefit, I didn’t want to try. 

To be honest, because she was not clear, and she kept telling me that it would depend, it felt a bit salesy, and I did not want to get trapped in a conversation where she would try to sell me a bigger package. So I did not pursue it.

But from her point of view, she knows her value and the value of her offer. She is probably very good at what she does, but she could not position herself in a way that conveyed trust and expertise. So even if it was free, the other person was reluctant to do it.

And that’s such a missed opportunity here: to extend your network, to show your competence and expertise, to educate a new audience on the essential character of her offer.

So to everyone out there, including myself, if there was only one tip. One thing you could do to improve your copy and get more sales is this:

You gotta be very intentional about expressing the main benefit of what you sell, even if it is free.

It’s not just about the website, it’s not just about the homepage, but everything you say in Facebook groups on Instagram when you speak about your offers, be loud and clear about the main benefit of your offer.

Articulate it with words. Don’t just imply it. But say it with words. 

Now, what is a benefit? And what is the difference between a feature and an advantage? 

Service comes with features: for example, a 90 min call, a 60-page report, etc.

The advantages are the WHYs: why are those features good to have?

For example:
90 min ↔ 1:1 dedicated time where we deep dive into your profile.
60-page ↔  in-depth report where no information is missing.

And benefits are what those advantages bring into your life. What do you truly get from all of this?

Suppose we take the example of a birth chart reading. 

People tend to think that the outcome is the birth chart reading. So they promote it as such: Get a birth chart reading! I sell a birth chart reading for xxx $.

laptop in women's hands with purple screen and an astrological chart in turqoise

But the birth chart reading is NOT the outcome. The outcome is the information they get from it. 

The birth chart reading is the only way you provide that information. And so if the outcome is the information itself, the benefit is how this information will change their lives.

Are you still following me? 

Do you see how this woman’s answer: “Well, the outcome will depend on your article, its length, and complexity… it really depends” was confusing? 

It is your job as the business owner and as your own salesperson to be clear on the outcome of your offer and its benefit.

Let’s go a bit further with benefits (because, why stop here?)

Here is my little extra tip. A benefit will often be related to making more money, saving time, improving the quality of life or relationships, and increasing your well-being.

Especially for spiritual entrepreneurs, the main benefit is going to be around getting clarity and becoming more safe, confident, or empowered to be oneself. 

And you should be able to translate that benefit into your soul clients’ words or wishes. 

It is your job… Actually, this is a copywriter’s job, but if you don’t employ, it is then your job as the salesperson of your own offers to point that out.

It is your responsibility to know the customer so well that you can describe the benefit of your offer in their words.

It is not your client’s responsibility to find out what they will get from working with you.

To go back to the example of a birth chart reading, there are as many ways to read a birth chart as there are astrologers. You can focus on the overall chart or deep dive into one aspect (money, career, relationships, purpose, etc) during the whole session. The way you conduct a birth chart reading may also differ from how knowledgeable your client is already.

A birth chart reading is not just a birth chart reading. And it isn’t your client’s responsibility to guess what the outcome and benefit will be for them.

People don’t buy an energy healing session, a coaching session, a birth chart reading, or a human design chart reading for the sake of it. They buy it for what it brings them. They buy it for the change and transformation it brings to their lives.


There are so many things you could improve to be more booked by your ideal client. But if there is only one thing I would recommend you, regardless of the offer, the price point, the sales and marketing strategy you have, etc. If there were only one thing you can do to get more sales, it would be to:

Be loud and clear about the main benefit. Write it, explain it, and make it obvious. 

Because you can have the best visual branding in the world, the cheapest offer, or the most excellent package, if your client doesn’t understand what it is for, they won’t buy. They won’t get curious about it, they will simply ignore it and go watch or read something else. You would only be a mere souvenir for them.

But if they do understand why they should book a session with you or buy from you, believe me, they will start contacting you and send lots of buying signals for you to answer on.

And they will buy.

So here is the ONE thing you could do to improve your copy and get more sales.

  • Before you touch anything in your sales funnel, check your copy.
  • Your website, but not only: your FB group posts, social media posts, emails…
  • And ask yourself this: from what I read, is it clear what they get from booking me?

And if not, answer the question “So what?” several times.

  • 90 min call? So what?
    • So that we can dive deep into their profiles.
  • So what?
    • So that they get true clarity from it.
  • So what?
    • So that they can move forward

Etc, etc. Until you can’t ask that question anymore. Then you will have the main benefit.

Now, make a self-audit of your copy, and let me know how it goes 🙂

Thank you for reading.