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Dear cOaches, consuLtants & serviCe Providers,

Do you wish you could get more clients?
But without sacrificing your time on digital marketing that merely works?

Ideally, you would love a sales and marketing process that works for real. One that:


Brings you the right-fit clients


Gets you out of the hamster wheel of content


Is respectful of your well-being & work-life balance


Doesn’t require you to invest in costly and time consuming coaching programs before seeing any results (if ever…)

Ultimately, you went into entrepreneurship out of passion, with a desire to serve and help others.

Not to be a full-time online marketer.

And this will show on your sales calls.

Because suddenly,

You’ll get more and more of the right-fit buyers – those who


Understand well the value you bring to the table


Are ready to buy from you at your given price


Are enthusiastic about working with you (it’s you and no one else!!)


the All-in-One Web Design services for small businesses:

Holistic brand strategy

Purposeful Web design

Captivating website copywriting

Foundational SEO implementation

Your All-in-One small business Website will

Learn about the benefits of investing in a comprehensive web design for small businesses

Position you in front of
your ideal buying clients

Foster genuine connections
with your future customers

Strongly increase website conversions

Support your long-term vision sustainably

Empower you with a true competitive edge

Everything you need to launch your site and get you more clients
with less marketing hustle!

My name is Bao

I’m a highly sensitive entrepreneur and one-woman web design agency for small businesses. I am on a mission to assist you in embracing your uniqueness and trusting your inner wisdom.

So that you can feel grounded and strong at your core, and find a deep sense of connection to yourself, to others, and to the universe.

That’s why I specialize in building robust foundations for businesses through all-in-one small business web designs.

These comprehensive web designs provide the right support for your business goals and marketing to get you booked and give you back your time and energy to focus on your zone of genius – your client work.

My Mission

Assist small business owners in embracing their unique talents and trusting their inner wisdom.

My Goal with you

Help you get the right foundations for your business so that you can focus on your zone of genius.

My values

  • Foundations & long-term vision
  • Shining from within: fun, authentic, effortless
  • Heartfelt connections & partnerships
  • Efficient and impactful work

What is an all-in-one website design service?

Holistic brand strategy

All projects start with a 360 brand strategy. The goal is to establish and strengthen your brand identity across all aspects of your online presence. It includes your brand positioning, messaging, visual identity, and tone of voice, ensuring consistency and resonance with your target audience and business goals.


Captivating website copywriting

This is about crafting persuasive and engaging content for your website that effectively communicates your brand’s value proposition, resonates with your audience, and compels them to take action. Captivating copywriting is crucial in driving conversions and building connections with your visitors.

Purposeful Website Design

Here, we aim to create an intuitive and user-friendly experience for visitors, focusing on guiding them through a logical journey to achieve their goals. It involves thoughtful consideration of layout, navigation, visual hierarchy, and interactive elements to enhance usability and encourage engagement. Purposeful and responsive design and development not only enhance the aesthetics of your website but also reinforce your brand identity and messaging.

Foundational SEO implementation

it involves laying the groundwork to improve your website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). This includes optimizing on-page elements such as meta tags, headings, and keywords, as well as off-page factors like backlink building and local SEO. By implementing foundational SEO best practices, your website can attract more targeted organic traffic and increase its visibility to potential customers.

Who iS this fOr?

Small business Owners who


Have a proven offer


Want to get down the hamster wheel of (social media) content


Might have unusual life circumstances to deal with


Are ambitious


Want to put their talents to the use/service of others


Value building strong foundations and structures to support their vision and lifestyle

But really, why does it work?

transForming visits into Journeys:
key eleMents of a Winning small business Website Design


Your custom website is designed with clear goals to project a strong brand image, attract your ideal clients, and support an effective marketing strategy.

Think of it as the peak of a mountain—your ultimate destination where clients recognize your value and are eager to engage.


A well-defined, intuitive structure ensures that visitors navigate your site effortlessly.

Clear pathways guide users to the information they need, much like a well-marked hiking trail. This thoughtful design reduces friction and enhances user experience, making their journey through your site smooth and informative.


Beyond functionality, the experience is about creating a memorable and engaging journey for your visitors.

It’s the scenic views and moments of discovery on a hike—the visual aesthetics, interactive elements, and emotional connections that leave a lasting impression and encourage return visits.

Ready to elevAte your Online presence and attrAct yOur ideal cliEnts?

Don’t settle for an average website design. Let’s create something extraordinary together!